Have or will have a helicopter and need a pilot?005

Have or will have a helicopter and need a pilot?  Need a helicopter?  Interested in helicopters?

We can help you.  Nelson AeroDynamiX (NAC) provides operationally experienced, well trained, professional, well respected and mature helicopter pilots to act as your pilot in command or even second in command as a safety pilot.  We also provide expert consulting on a multitude of helicopter related matters.


Currently, we provide services such as these specific examples;

  • Pilot Services for and in support of helicopters attached to mega-yachts in international locations, coordinating training, logistics and management;
  • flight instruction to already rated aviators of fixed-wing aircraft and new to aviation pilots learning to fly helicopters and getting private ratings in the US;
  • consulting on buying and selling helicopters internationally;
  • Pilot Services in the US in multiple aircraft;
  • Determining how best to equip and refurbish pre-owned helicopters to the new owner’s liking;
  • Overseeing the purchase, closing on, delivery, training in and completion of new helicopters from the aircraft manufacturers;
  • Coordinating logistics for these operations listed and the maintenance support of the same;
  • Maintaining heliport facilities and aircraft ready to fly from several locations;
  • Consulting with new clients on what helicopter type is best for them;
  • Monitoring the market and industry trends and working in development of ‘best practices’ and a new Safety Management System (SMS) for use by our clients that suits their needs.
  • Being sought by and planning out a large pilot services contract for a utility operation nationally;
  • Assisting our clients in best methods and avenues to insure their helicopter assets;
  • Adding to the list of ‘to be written’ article ideas for Vertical Magazine!


007Nelson AeroDynamiX’s service saves you money and time with:

  • Lowers insurance costs
  • Saves your time by handling all the details for you
  • Helps protect your family, you, your friends and business associates by having an experienced pilot safely fly your aircraft alone or along with our flying clients.
  • Develop programs that fit each individual need

If you want, we can help locate and screen a pilot applicant that may work directly for you as an employee. Let our experience augment yours in this area.