Income Opportunities for Pilots

Are you a professional and commercially rated helicopter pilot in search of expanding your income or opportunities?

We offer mentoring and satellite operations opportunities in the US in your region – you build the business with our help.  It takes the right person with the right drive.  Don’t just call expecting there is a job or position waiting.

You can work under the Nelson AeroDynamiX, (NAC) model while flying on your typically scheduled duties in your full- or part-time flying job in:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Air Medical (HEMS)
  • Logging
  • Utilities
  • Corporate
  • Instructional positions, etc.

By joining forces, we have a program that allows you to follow simple steps and create your own rewarding and income generating flying job on your off days for private or corporate helicopters.

Just give us a call to begin your expanded career. We can tailor a program or just assist you as you seek career growth.

  • Be a part of growing our industry in your area.
  • Live where you want to live and enjoy a helicopter flying career.
  • It is best to combine your efforts with another/other respectable and professional pilot(s) such as yourself in your area to share the duties for full coverage for the client.
  • The better the program you develop, or the more client helicopters you bring along the greater your income.

Give us a call to discuss the options when you are ready…

We do hire mature and professional pilots willing to work well and with good customer service skills from time to time.  We accept resumes if you are this type.  Tell us you saw the note on the web site and for certain respondents we may offer you a gift for contacting us.