Helicopter Ownership


Simple, we help you to what ever level you want or need.  We are on your team.  We work with you and for you.  We usually handle most all the details and leave the fun of ownership to you, the client.

For those that are intimidated by owning a helicopter on your own:

Helicopter ownership is more affordable than one might think with Nelson AeroDynamiX’s (NAC’s) special shared-ownership program

  • Not only is the initial capital cost dispersed, so are expenses.
  • With added programs, expenses can be further reduced for your helicopter.
  • Clients can defray costs by having NAC dry-leaseback the helicopter for outside contracts.
  • Shared-ownership helicopter owners don’t pay out large sums for maintenance of their helicopter with Nelson AeroDynamiX’s special Shared Ownership Fund (SOF) program.
  • Regardless of how much or little each shared owner uses their helicopter, costs are easily equalized.
  • Shared-owners can buy into helicopter ownership, or sell their share of the helicopter at any time.

Give us a call to discuss your specific interests.


NAC can help in understanding helicopter limits and ways they can expand your life experience or how to use it as a business tool. Our consulting services run throughout our involvement with our clients. Our clients enjoy a full operational management service with ‘turn-key’ style. It is operations management and consulting at your fingertips.

If a client doesn’t need the whole gamut of service, we tailor to what you do need.

When we help you to become an owner, we do things like this for you:


  • Recommendations and selection of what aircraft to own,
  • how much it will actually cost,
  • insurance matters,
  • where you can use it,
  • train owners to fly it or staff the helicopter for you,
  • manage the proper care,
  • hangaring and maintenance of the helicopter,
  • if necessary selling the helicopter after its useful existence to you.  (Often helicopter can retain value or even appreciate if used properly and bought well in the start.)


Many clients may only wish to explore the option of owning a helicopter. We can help you there too. No question or project is too small. Just call and ask us.

  • We pride ourselves in being factual realists to our clients,
  • preventing surprises
  • letting our clients know exactly what they are getting into.

We believe it serves the industry poorly to have a helicopter flying on a ‘shoe-string’ basis due to unforeseen owner expenses.