Helicopter Consulting

General Helicopter Consulting and Questions:

* Don’t know what side of a helicopter is up and how in the world someone could find them useful?
* Or, do you own and fly your own helicopter?

But, you have a question. Just call and ask.

We offer very simple and fair pricing for helping you get the most out of your contact with us. We frame our consultation on what is first safe and good for all involved; then what makes for best profits or outcomes for the owner/client.

Realism and results is the foundation of what you can expect.

“No surprises,” and, “setting each other up for success,” are our mantras at Nelson AeroDynamiX.

Heliport Design and Construction:

NAC can be on your side and use its experience to get a heliport/helistop built for you on your terms. We specialize in private owner or small corporate helicopter landing facilities:

* studying the feasibility of building a heliport or helistop,
* designing it to your needs and FAA standards,
* working with other professionals to implement the approval and construction of the facility at your home, business or other properties.

For people looking to build a non-commercial, private owner heliport or helistop; there are no existing companies that will tackle this often contentious endeavor with much promise of completing it. They specialize and focus on the more profitable business of providing services for hospitals and Fortune 500 companies building or modifying commercial heliports.

We can work with the local authorities and make it happen in most cases. Call us to see if your circumstances will allow for such a heliport/helistop to meet your needs.

Helicopter – Flight Safety, Operations, Careers and Training:

* NAC puts its years of experience and ties in the industry to work for you.
* Straight talk and results oriented.
* Let us tailor our services to your needs.
* See what our regular clients enjoy at their fingertips as long standing helicopter owner clients.

Helicopter Expert Witness Services:

NAC can be contracted to consult on behalf of a client for expert witness services on a case-by-case basis. Contact us to discuss the options.