Nelson AeroDynamiX (NAC) is a unique team of Helicopter Operations Specialists that provide a wide variety of services to their clients. We focus on excellent customer service, leading our clients in precise, safe and effective experiences with no surprises. Employees and associates alike are trained from the beginning to keep this focus always.

NAC partners with industry professionals and maintenance providers for seamless operations from the perspective of the client. Proper maintenance & operational planning, along with many other details expertly handled by NAC staff and resources, are crucial for effective helicopter ownership with minimal costs incurred. We look to set our customers and clients up for success!

NAC most often serves clients that demand the utmost of privacy. It takes a discerning company to support such discerning and often discreet, VIP clients. We are trusted by some of the most VVIP customers and value that trust everyday.



Whether it is a simple question, a short term consulting project, or ‘soup to nuts’ turn key helicopter operations – we are looked to often by customers with some challenging helicopter pursuits. We can’t know it all,…that is why we work closely with experts and resources around the world and in the industry to do it right, safe and to the best outcome for you. We have a ‘network pool’ we like to say at our fingertips.

NAC serves clients in North America and in some international locations in: